• Marco “KayOne” Mantovani

    Marco “KayOne” Mantovani

    Born in Milan in 1972, KayOne lives and works in Milan. He is a writer, artist and creative that began painting in 1988 at the age of 15. He was a pioneer of graffiti writing in Milan at a time when the form only appeared in a small number of American TV shows and such […]



    “I was born in Rome in 1979. I do writing since I was 12 and I’ve never stopped just because – today like  yesterday – I suppose there’s nothing in my life that should make me feel better. I think that every human being has a way of life, written in his DNA, and the […]

  • Stefano Canto

    Stefano Canto

    The Canto research explores the connections between the space and the social environment and investigates the relationship between man and architecture

  • Invito all’Opera
  • Dolce Q

    Dolce Q

    Graphic designer and illustrator

  • Letizia Battaglia

    Letizia Battaglia

    Letizia Battaglia is an Italian photographer and photojournalist. Although her photos document a wide spectrum of Sicilian life, she is best known for her work on the Mafia. Born in Palermo in 1935 and married at 16, Battaglia took up photojournalism after her divorce in 1971 while raising three daughters. Over the years, she has […]

  • Achille Bonito Oliva

    Achille Bonito Oliva

    Unanimously considered the most famous art critic in Italy.

  • LA Portraits
  • Gabriella Coleman

    Gabriella Coleman

    Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she researches, writes, and teaches on computer hackers and digital activism.

  • Boogie


    One of the most influential photographers of street culture in the new millennium.

  • Kazuki Takamatsu

    Kazuki Takamatsu

    Takamatsu mixes traditional and modern techniques in a beautiful fusion of classic drawing, airbrush, gouache painting and computer graphics.

  • LA Woman